PBR Sport Balls Pack

A high quality collection of various sport balls ready to customize and use in Unity 5.x and Unreal Engine 4.x.


The PBR Sport Balls Pack contains 24 customizable sport ball models with 2048x2048 high quality Physically Based textures and PBR materials. Each ball type has its own material and texture mask which can be used to further modify and customize the color scheme and balls' appearance to your requirements (customization examples included).

The package includes 5 types of balls with variations:

  • Basketball (7 variations)
  • Football (7 variations)
  • Volleyball (7 variations)
  • Golf Ball (2 variations)
  • Tennis Ball (1 variation)


  • 24 sport ball props
  • Physically Based standard materials
  • Easy customization through a material or texture mask
  • 2048x2048 high quality/resolution textures
  • 4 LODs (Level of Details)
  • Compatible with latest Unity 5.x and Unreal Engine 4.x versions


  • 41 prefabs
  • 548 vertices per ball
  • 960 triangles per ball
  • 3 LODs: 960, 478, 236 tris


  • 18 PBR standard materials
  • 23 PBR procedural materials (subtances)
  • 53 2048x2048 TGA textures, including masks
  • Albedo, Metallic/Smoothness, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Mask maps
  • RGB encoded Metallic/Smoothness (RGB channels: Metallic, Alpha channel: Smoothness)


  • 24 static meshes with custom collisions
  • 548 vertices per ball
  • 960 triangles per ball
  • 4 LODs: 960, 478, 236, 140 tris
  • Scaled to Epic skeleton


  • 24 PBR materials
  • 49 2048x2048 PNG textures, including masks
  • Base Color, Roughness/AO/Metallic, Normal, Mask maps
  • RGB encoded Roughness/AO/Metallic (R channel: Roughness, G channel: AO, B channel: Metallic)

PBR Sport Balls Pack

Available on:

Unity Asset Store Unreal Marketplace


For any questions or concerns regarding this product, please email Customer Support.

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